Andy Wink

Hello, my name is Andy Wink. I am an economist and research analyst. For much of the past 15 years I’ve specialized in analyzing the Alaska seafood industry. In addition to seafood industry research, I have also written economic impact studies on oil/gas projects in Africa, performed education/training program analysis, administered a large seafood marketing grant program, conducted investment research for a +$30 billion fund, and contributed to local economic planning efforts. Alaska Fish Radio has named me ‘top fish economist’ four years in a row (2014-2017). I served as the primary industry research analyst from 2012-2017 for the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (a +$20 million organization with 10 offices on four continents). 

I worked for the State of Alaska for seven years as a labor economist, seafood development specialist, and investment officer. From 2010-2017, I worked for McDowell Group, an Alaska-based research and consulting firm. Since 2018, I have served as the Executive Director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association and performed independent research and consulting projects.  

As an independent research contractor, I can offer high-quality research products and services to clients at competitive rates. Analyzing and presenting data is a true passion of mine, and I hope you’ll reach out to see how that passion could be employed to meet the needs of your organization.