Grant Writing & Support

Do you have a great idea for an economic development project that could improve your community? Do you have the skills and network to execute the project? Do you lack funds to make your vision a reality? 

If you answered yes to these questions, don’t give up. There are many government and non-profit programs set up to provide grants or subsidized financing, but you’ll need a strong proposal to get funding. 

I’ve administered and reviewed grant programs and while I’ve seen many outstanding proposals, I have always been surprised by how many proposals consisted of a strong team and a thorough project description, but failed to clearly articulate the potential benefits. They had the what and how, but the biggest question good funding administrators ask is, “why should you receive money for your project.”  

As a skilled economic research analyst and former grant administrator/reviewer, I can help you make the case as to why your project deserves to be funded by compiling data and placing the parameters of your project in an appropriate context. Don’t assume that administrators or reviewers will intuitively grasp the genius of your idea! If you are a capable individual with a great idea, it will likely be the difference between approval or rejection. 

My support services can be contracted on an upfront basis or my role could be incorporated into the project, depending on the situation. Either way, your team gets a useful partner at a great value… and hopefully we all get to play a role in making the world a little better. Click on the button below if you’d like help writing and developing a grant proposal.