Economic Impacts

These assessments are often necessary for development projects, or are used to document benefits of a particular resource, industry, or organization. I strive to present findings that are detailed and rigorous in an accessible and attractive format.

Market Analysis

The global seafood supply chain is large and complex. My market analyses help seafood industry stakeholders understand their market position, identify ways to add value, and analyze market conditions so clients can react to changes before it is too late.

Infographics & Design

Infographics are a great way to make your findings stand out in the modern sea of information. By collaborating with talented design partners, I can offer a range of options that produce robust analyses deployed to maximum effect.

Customized Research

Need a talented analyst to support your operations? Custom research project? Presentation materials to support sales ops? Research for strategic planning? Give me a call. I have a knack for delivering outstanding support research.

Grant Writing & Support

It's heartbreaking to see good projects not funded due to a flat grant application. Most grant proposals just state the project parameters, but don't fully explain the potential benefits. Let me help make your grant proposal the best it can be.

Program Evaluation & Analysis

Independent program evaluation and analysis is critical for survival in today's world of budget tightening. My services can help clients identify ways to increase efficiency and/or efficacy, and document program performance with an attractive report, video, or presentation.