Although I have a great deal of research and consulting experience, my company is just getting started (founded in January 2018). Therefore, there are no Wink R/C work products to showcase at this time; however, with client permission I will post links to work products as they become available. In the meantime, a small sample of past projects which I collaboratively authored is provided below: 

The Economic Value of Alaska’s Seafood Industry (2017) – Link
Sockeye Market Analysis Series (2013-2017) – Link
Wholesale Market Profiles for Alaska Groundfish & Crab Fisheries (2016)  – Link
The Economic Impact of the Seafood Industry in Southcentral Alaska (2015) – Link
Economic Impact of Douglas Island Pink and Chum, Inc. (2013) – Link
Alaska Economic Trends article about Alaska Fishermen’s Other Jobs (2007) – Link
Alaska Economic Trends article about Labor Supply for Alaska Gas Line (2007) – Link
Training Program Performance Report 2005 (Published 2007) – Link
Alaska Economic Trends article about Longitudinal Study of Young Workers (2006) – Link